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October 7, 2009

The Importance of Connection with Others

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   I think all writers need writing buddies in their lives.  Over a year ago, I knew very few people in the writing world and I certainly had no writing friends.  I was merely starting out as a freelance writer who was trying hard on my own. But about six months ago, all of that changed.

  I logged onto  the Institute for Children’s LiteratureBoards and tried to get into a critique group. To my surprise, there were many critique groups for children’s writers that were taking new members. I didn’t really know it at the time, that joining even one such group would completely change my life as a writer.  Not only would I have the long awaited input and support that I needed to start and complete my work, but I would be able to talk about my writing with other writers, some of whom were published and knew the ropes, so to speak.

  But more than that, I would no longer feel alone in the writing endeavour. When I started writing, I felt that as I didn’t know whether or not I was on the right track with my writing. And, although I think that many writers feel that way when they start, it is hard to write when you don’t have a sense of whether or not your work is close to publication or not.

   But there are also days when you may feel very desperate and discouraged because I received a rejection letter. Before I used to dread those days. Now, I get onto my computer, email my writing buddies and continue writing. I am no longer paralyzed. And that is such a great feeling!

  Then there were times when I had good news, and I was so grateful to be able to share these times with other writers too. People congratulated me and were genuinely happy for my successes. Again, I didn’t feel all alone.

 I would, therefore, recommend that all writers choose to write connected to others with a common purpose. I love hanging out with my fellow writers on the internet. I even meet with some of them once a week to discuss my writing plans. In some cases, I am even involved in shared projects with these individuals. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that through your writing you can be connected to others.

  I feel very lucky indeed!


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  1. Sunny,

    I think you’ve just hit on a truth here that many new writers don’t tumble to early on. This is a lonely business because we spend so much time in our own heads every day. However, much of the exhileration and energy for use in our writing comes from bouncing ideas off the foreheads of whoever happens to be handy at the time. It’s the feedback that allows us to sprint forward with the extrapolation of uur ideas. Isn’t that how think tanks operate? Isn’t that what every good writer really needs? Not isolation but continual reparte with others of their ilk?

    Good entry into the world of fiction writing, from one newbie to another.


    Comment by claudsy — October 7, 2009 @ 4:18 pm | Reply

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