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October 8, 2009

Why Write?

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  For a long time now, I have been pondering about why I write.  There are many different answers to this question of course.  But I think every individual has his or her own reasons as to why they write.

  For me, I write because of how wonderful it makes me feel. When I write, I feel alive and ready to face any obstacles and challenges. When I write, I can think through a lot of my problems, and unload and dissect them as well. I have a Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy, so analysis is my lifeline.  I love thinking, rethinking, assessing and then reassessing.

I think that the best kind of thinking is done through writing.  I always tell my students that if they don’t know how they feel something a particular subject, they should sit down and write down their thoughts about a given topic. After writing for a while, they will become much more aware of their thoughts and views on a particular topics. The students who take my advice see how true this process really is.

  There are many types of writing.  There is journal writing. I started writing in my journal when I was five years old. I remember buying my very first notebook. I was so excited!  Every time I was upset or I didn’t understand something, I wrote about it in my notebook. And soon I was finished one notebook and I started another. And then another. I continued writing in my journal every day since then. Yes, I’ve had lapses. There were some days that I didn’t write in my journal. But I still managed to stack up five hundred notebooks that spanned over my whole lifetime. I still have all of them in a cabinet downstairs. There is no better feeling for me than just to unload all of my thoughts and feelings every day in a journal.

  Then there is brainstorming. This kind of writing is great if you’re trying to determine what your views are on a given topic. This is usually considered to be a disorganized type of writing but it is a very useful part of writing.  Many creative writers use it to narrow down topics and/or clarify themes that they will write about. I certainly use that method all the time in my creative writing ventures.

  There are many other types of writing. Regardless of the type of writing that we do, I think that writing can enrich our lives. It gives us clarity and poise. It makes us feel as if we are thinkers and we aim to understand ourselves and others. And why not. After all, we are unique from animals because of our use of language and intelligence. So, why not use our minds to their fullest capacity.


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  1. Sunny,

    Good points, all. And good questions for any writer to ponder.


    Comment by Claudette — October 9, 2009 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

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