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October 20, 2009

To Write you Need to be Alone

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  Many writers believe that to write properly they have to write in secret. Now there is a
difference between writing in secret and writing all alone. But I think that secretiveness
and writing goes hand in hand for some writers.

  Many writers don’t want the world, not even their family or friends, read their
manuscripts until they are ready to show them. And for some writers, this could take
years after they began a manuscript. I always wondered why that was the case until I
started writing myself.

  Most writers worry that why they first write isn’t good enough for other people to
look at and read. Therefore, they feel that they have to sit and wrestle with their writing
all on their own. Most such writers don’t want to share their writing with others. They
just want to sit in their own office, produce pages and pages of written work until they
feel overwhelmed from self-doubt and can’t carry on anymore.

  I’m a bit different from most writers. I don’t mind when others see my work, even if it
isn’t ready to be sent out as yet. I encourage people to comment on my work and to
honestly tell me how they feel about it. I then take their comments and improve my
manuscript and send it to a magazine or book publisher. I find that I am most successful
when I do that.

    I think that a certain amount of seclusion is part of the writer’s life. That is a necessary
part of the writing life. I don’t think that writers should write with other writers. When
a writer is writing, (s)he must write a first draft and revised drafts alone. However, this
doesn’t mean that the writer is all alone. There are many ways that a writer can branch
out to other writers when writing.

  First, the writer can join a critique group. These groups are there to help the writer not
feel so alone and to encourage the writer to revise and ultimately submit his/her work
to a magazine or book publisher.

  Second, there are writing groups that a writer could belong to in which the writer
could talk about his/her writing and exchange manuscripts. That kind of exchange can
also help the writer grow as a writer and not feel totally isolated and alone.

  Third, the writer can seek other writer friends to exchange manuscripts with. This can
be a bit more of an informal venue or way of receiving feedback. But if you are friends
shouldn’t be as damaging or hurtful.


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