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October 22, 2009

To write, you need to be in your ‘space’

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  What does it mean that writers have to be in their own ‘space’ in order to write?  Many
writers have reiterated this truism. However, what exactly does this mean?

  There are two possible meanings of ‘space’ in this instance. The first kind of space that
writers must develop is physical space. This may be a place that they feel very
comfortable in, such as a room that is their very own that they have decorated to suit
their needs and aspirations as a writer.

  The second type of space that writers need in order to write is mental or psychological
space. Writers need to develop a mind set or habit in order to write effectively and
consistently. This attitude of writing and producing can also be regarded as a mental
‘space’ and can occur as a result of deciding to write at a certain time of the day or night
on a consistent basis.

  For instance, many writers wake up an hour or two earlier in the morning in order to
get their writing quota done for the day. This one or two hour ‘space’ gives them the
time that they need to write consistently so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by
unfulfilled writing goals.

  Third, writers can develop another type of psychological/emotional ‘space’ into which
they should enter into in order to write effectively. This is an intentional ‘space’ that can
only be utilized and brought about by the writer. It usually cashes out in terms of
motivation, drive, and inclination to actually get the writing done. This kind of space
can also be regarded as an inner space that the writer feels comfortable inhabiting in
order to produce and write effectively each day.

  The last kind of psychological ‘space’ that can be created by writers in order to write
effectively is a peaceful and serene attitude. This is necessary so that a writer could
produce his/her work and fulfill his/her writing goals consistently. I know that this kind
of ‘space’ is necessary in order for the writer to be able to write effectively because
distractions can create havoc with a writer’s ability to concentrate and to get the writing

  I try to create all four types of ‘space’ in order to ensure that I write consistently each
and every day. I have found over the years that developing the physical and
psychological  ‘space’ to write can ensure that I actually do the writing on a consistent
basis. And this is the key to being successful as a writer.


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