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October 27, 2009

Negative Self-Talk and Writing

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  In order to develop a healthy and enjoyable writing life, we must all learn to curb our
habit of negative self-talk before, during and after our writing sessions. Negative self-
talk is all of those negative things that we tell ourselves over and over, such as:

I will never finish this manuscript.
That sounds terrible.
I absolutely have no language fluency how could I be a writer!
I will never become a good writer.
I will never write like my friend.
I will never get published.
I can’t even sit and write consistently.
Why try and persevere? There’s no point!

Sound familiar?  We have all had times as writers when our negative self-talk has taken
over and has infected all of our writing sessions and our efforts to write really suffer.
We must learn to tame that voice inside of us.

As writers, we must learn to write in the moment and to get completely lost in our
writing. When we do so, our self-confidence as writers will grow and our writing skills
will also improve.

  There is nothing more pleasant for me than to get completely lost in my writing. Those
sessions are the most meaningful for me. And I need them like I need my vitamins. I
compare flow writing and vitamins because I think that both are necessary in order to
be healthy and happy.

  In other words, in order to be a happy and healthy writer, you must concentrate on
your writing. Nothing is more important than that to develop your skill as a writer. In
order to be a healthy person, you must also take your vitamins. Over time, vitamins will
help you to ward off illness and will make you stronger as a person. So, there is a
symmetry between the two for me.

  I encourage all writers to try to write without engaging in negative self-talk. Try to
bracket some time, say ten or fifteen minutes, that you could write without any negative
self-talk. In the beginning, you will probably have a difficult time to achieve this, but
keep trying. Once you achieve this, you will be so happy that you did.  There is no
better reward than to write in that state of mild euphoria. Some of my best writing was
done when I was in that state. I look forward to hearing how you do.  Please try it!


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