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October 29, 2009

Write Every Day

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  There’s an old saying: If you take one day off writing, your muse will take off the next three.
In other words, the more time you take off writing, the more difficult it is to get
absorbed into that state of mind of total concentration, focus or flow.

  I wrote about flow a few days ago. I believe it is the most important way for writers to
love writing. Otherwise, writers will just go through the motions of writing and then
won’t write. There is no better way to enjoy writing then to develop this way of writing.

  According to Sellars, if you haven’t been writing for years or months, it will take you
ten days of steady writing, horrible yucky-not good days, in order to get back into the
habit of writing. That is an ugly truism that most writers must try to resist.

  What is the best advice for writers to write a book a year?  Don’t miss a day of writing,
even if you only write a sentence or two or a paragraph or two. Some say, even if you
write a word or two, that is still contributing to the whole project. So, by all means,
don’t miss a day.

  What happens to a writer if (s)he misses a day? It’s really hard to explain, but basically
writers who don’t write every day are like an athlete who doesn’t exercise every day. If
the athlete doesn’t exercise each and every day, (s)he gets stiff and out of shape. The
same occurs for a writer. A writer who doesn’t write every day also gets out of shape
and it is too hard to start back into writing. It is far easier for the writer to simply write
each and every day.

  So here is he secret for all writers: Show up to your writing room every day, regardless
of whether or not you feel like it. This will demonstrate to you that you are capable of
commitment and in the meantime you will be practising your craft and will be
becoming a better writer by the day.

  And writing every day does one more thing for the writer: it builds self-confidence in
our ability to continue consistently working at our desks and on our novels and writing.
The writing will get done and the novels will get written if we write consistently. I
know this to be the case from experience. Even 100 consistent words a day will yield
great fruit at the end of the year, something that you could celebrate.


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