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October 31, 2009

The Tortured Writer

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  There are so many writers who are tortured. They lack self-confidence and they feel
crippled by negative thoughts and self-criticism about their writing. No matter how
much courage other writers and friends give them, they still are very uncertain of
themselves and of their capabilities as a writer.

  I believe that this is because such writers have low self-esteem which translates into a
poor outlook of their capabilities as writers. The writing life is difficult anyway;
however, I think that it is especially difficult for an individual with low self-esteem.

  There are some who believe that people with low self-esteem are drawn into writing.
They are usually individuals who want to make a difference in the world and who think
that writing may be one way that they could easily do this without much ado. Little do
they know. Writing is one of the most difficulties jobs to fulfill for an individual with
low self-esteem because the writer’s life is usually littered with rejection letters and

  However, having said all of this, I think the writing life is very intrinsically rewarding.
And that if tortured individuals patiently open themselves to the writing life, they
won’t be sorry.  It may be tough in the beginning. But the writing life is a difficult life to
master quickly and all at once. Even the well seasoned writer takes a long time to
master the whole business of writing.  Once mastered though, I think it is one of the
most wonderful and rewarding of lives that an individual can pursue.

  So, dare to write because writing is intoxicating, exhilarating and rewarding all in one.
It is one of the few times that I could say that I am fully at peace and content. I just wish
more writers felt as I do.


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