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November 14, 2009

Positioning Your Writing

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       Some writers find that have to organize their writing so that it fits just right
   into their schedule. Others plug on forward with their writing without any
   rhyme or pattern. And then there are writers somewhere in between who are
   organized some days and they lack organization other days.
     I try to write in an organized manner most of the time. This means that I try
   to plan my writing most of the time the night before and I try to know where
   I will position my writing into my work day. Writing has to be a priority in
   order for books and novels to get written.
     Most mornings I wake up early, usually between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. and
   write for an hour or two. Then I have breakfast and exercise. After that I
   either do a bit more writing or I go off to my part time job and come back in
   the evening and write then. But I always try to know when I will be doing
   my writing, given what I is part of my schedule for the day.
     To organize your writing, you have to place your work within your life in a
   prominent position so that it as viable and realistic as the other parts of your
   life. That is absolutely key to making sure that your get the writing done each
   and every day.
     Positioning your writing into your life is especially important when you are
   writing a larger manuscript, such as a book or a novel. Failure to set a specific
   writing intention the night before, and to do so each and every night, is one
   of the reasons that books fester inside of us, turn against us, and then slip free
   from our needy, clingy, and distracted grip.
     So, writers should try and play it safe. They should try to lay out their
   writing intentions the night before they go to sleep. If you are writing a
   novel, determine which scenes you will complete the night before. If you are
   writing a book, determine which chapter you will write the next day. This
   planning will reap huge dividends in your writing output.
        Developing a writing schedule requires attention and organization in short,
   to effectively write a book or novel, you must position your writing so that
   you know when and what you will write that day. I must say that there are
   day that I don’t plan my work like this. However, it really shows when I
   don’t position my writing and when I do take the time to position it in terms
   of my output.
    So writers, the choice is yours. If you want to feel confident about your
   writing, you should take the time to plan your writing ahead of time. It is
   worth the time and effort that this requires.


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