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November 16, 2009

Writers Should be Naked

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        Your writing voice is what makes you naked but also very
       authentic. In fact, you can’t write authentically without being open
       to the reader. And being open to the reader, you are ‘naked’ in a
       sense with the reader.
       Why are writers worried about being naked with the reader? It is
       worse to be clothed and inauthentic then naked and open, isn’t it?
       And one other thing, if you as a writer are not naked to the reader,
       everyone will probably know that you are faking it. And how awful
       is that!
       I have always practised openness and honesty in my writing. In
       fact, I am usually brutally honest in my writing. I make sure that
       my voice isn’t forced and that I am authentic in my writing.
       When I am in my writing studio, I have to tell the truth as I know
       it. I have to bear my soul and expose the good and the bad. I try not
       to protect myself with false fronts, false selves, and officially
       sanctioned book material. My work is to reveal what is not easily
       seen. Yes, I feel naked. But this is why I love writing.  It is a ‘space’
       in which I could be completely naked without worrying too much
       because I am supposed to be honest in order to write well.
       There are a lot of swimsuit shower writers in the writing world.
       These are writers who write inauthentically and who try to hide the
       obvious, making their voice sterile and inauthentic. I think that
       writers who write this way should stop writing and do something
       else with their time.
       I once knew a writer who kept all of his writing to himself. He
       didn’t want to share his writing with anyone lest they judge him
       wrongly. He was so paranoid about not wanting anyone else to
       know his true self that he never sent out any of his material to
       publishers. He just kept his writing to himself and still does as far
       as I know.
       I decided early on that I would not be a secretive writer. I decided
       that I would write openly and honestly and I would let the chips
       fall where they will. And I still do that. I don’t mind sharing my
       work with anyone because I feel that I have nothing to hide.
       What kind of writer are you?


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