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November 19, 2009

Developing our Rhythms as Writers

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It took me several years to develop my rhythms as a writer. It took a lot of time to
determine when my best times for writing were and how I was going to consistently
write, regardless of what was going on in my life.

I find that, for me, that was the hardest thing to establish. Before that, my writing was
sporadic at best. When I felt good, I wrote. When everything was in the right place with
my life, I wrote. However, when things weren’t in the right place, which was a lot of the
time, I didn’t write. And to write in such a way that you produce new material on a
consistent basis, writing haphazardly will not do.

So, five years ago, around this same time of year, I had a major aha moment with my
writing. By then I read at least thirty books by successful writers on how they write in
order to be effective writers who produce new material all the time. I found that,
without exception, there was one thing that all writers unanimously tried to establish,
and that was a consistent writing schedule.

I have already written extensively about writing schedules and their importance in
previous blogs. But the all important question is how can a writer establish a writing
schedule and make it work? One important way of establishing such a schedule is to
determine what your rhythms are as a writer.

Our rhythms are as unique to us as our fingerprints. To determine our rhythms, we
must first determine when we work best. Do we work best in the morning? Or in the
evening? Or at night? One way of determining what time of the day you write best is to
write at different times for a while.

For instance, wake up earlier in the morning for a week or two and write before you
go to work. Spend time before or after dinner writing and see if you write well. Maybe
you could write before you go to bed for an hour. Just try writing at different times of
the day for a while and see where that takes you.

Once you determine what times of day are best for you to write, you should try to
establish a writing routine for a few weeks. If you determined that your best writing is
done in the morning, set up a consistent schedule of say about one or two-hour
mornings for a few weeks.

Once you have established a time, make it a habit for a while and see if you will
produce a lot of material. My hunch is that you will. I know I did. I was amazed about
how much I could accomplish when I did a consistent hour of writing each and every

I wrote five complete novels and at least a dozen articles in two years!  Now that’s
progress. I would have never accomplished that if I didn’t set up a consistent routine to
write. But you won’t be able to effectively set up a consistent routine to write unless you
discover when you write best and to try to set up a schedule that will be based on those

So, I urge you to determine your rhythms. Take a month or two to determine when
you work best. And then set up a consistent writing schedule and see the results!  You
will be so glad that you did!


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