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November 21, 2009

Is Procrastination getting you down and affecting your overall productivity?

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   Many writers have difficulty ‘sticking to’ a writing schedule. I know that
   when life gets very busy I struggle too. But we all know that two of the most
   important aspects of a writer’s life is continuity and consistency. That is the
   only way to have any kind of writing success.
   But how can writers ensure that they are consistent in their writing
   regimen?  For myself, I find that I some days I have to trick myself into
   writing. Sometimes I have to reward myself after I have written for an hour
   or so. Other times, I have to come up with even more sophisticated tricks.
   I was really inspired when I read one of Kristi Holl’s most recent entries in
   her blog about procrastination. She wrote about the importance of setting a
   kitchen timer for five minutes as a way of jump starting your muse for
   writing, especially if you find that you have been procrastinating about your
   Given the fact that we are on the last lap of our NaNoWriMo, I think that
   many writers would be procrastinating about sitting down to write their
   novels by now. I know I am struggling. But I keep plugging away. If I miss a
   day, I try to make up for it on the next day.
   One of my most important tricks is to make sure that I write each and
   every day. Some days I write as few as a hundred words. But I find that
   when I do that I am well on my way to achieving the continuity that I need to
   keep at my novel on a consistent basis.                         
    I am short on my overall number of words for NaNoWriMo, but I keep
   plugging away. I am writing a Middle grade novel for kids so I don’t need as
   many words to complete the book. I will make sure that my novel is
   completed in 9 days.
   So, writers whatever you do, don’t stop writing if you have a bad day.
   Instead, brush off your kitchen timer, set it and write for five minutes. Once
   you write for the first five minutes, as Kristi Holl says, you will be well on
   your way to getting your writing started for the day.
   Thanks so much for your words of wisdom Kristi.
   For Kristi Holl’s complete entry on this all-important topic, please see her
   November 20th entry at:
   All aboard for the next 9 days?

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