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November 23, 2009

What Motivates Writers to Write

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     Writers usually have four different motivations in order to write
     effectively and consistently.  One or more of these four motivations usually
     fuel the writers inclination to write. Being aware of what these motivations
     are can help the writer tremendously.
     First, some writers are motivated to write on the basis of positive
     energies all of which occur when a writer is passionate about a topic. It is
     much easier for him/her to write about a topic in order to understand the
     topic and his/her experiences about the topic if (s)he feels compelled to
     know more about it.
     Second, some writers write in terms of their negative energies, by
     focusing on past hurts, pains, emotional upheavals, and frustrations. Such
     writers find their writing to be cathartic. This type of writing helps
     the writer to come to terms with happened in the past and perhaps even
     why something happened.
     Third, some writers have inner motivations to write. Such writers
     usually have developed a great work ethic and this becomes one place
     through which they can put their discipline to good use. Writers who have
     inner motivations to write should feel blessed because if they really decide
     to write, they will write. Such writers hardly ever suffer from
     Lastly, some writers have external motivations to write. This is why such
     writers are more readily compelled to write if they have pending writing
     contracts to help them produce their manuscripts. Usually, publishers will
     have a deadline in which a particular book has to be written. And this
     propels the writer to write so that s(he) can achieve this goal.
     I know for myself, I have relied on all four motivations at different
     points in my writing career. The only motivation that I find very difficult to
     write under is the last one. I generally hate deadlines. And since I know
     this about myself, I find that it easier to forecast my motivations.
     Since I know this about myself, I can then plan how I am going to write if
     I have a deadline looming. When  I have a writing contract from a
     publisher, I make sure that I don’t leave things until the last minute. In fact,
     I usually write a rough draft of the manuscript before I even submit a
     proposal. That way I could really make sure that I am not feeling
     overwhelmed to produce the manuscript if a publisher wants to see the
     manuscript on a particular date.
     So, which motivation(s) do you rely on to write effectively and

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