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November 23, 2009

Writing Begets Writing

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       When a writer sits down to write, (s)he is doing the best possible
       thing that (s)he can in order to write consistently and effectively.
       This is because writing begets writing, whether we realize it or
       not. The only way to write is to actually sit down and write. All
       the rest is commentary, procrastination, and reasons for not
       writing, such as I don’t have time, or I can’t write well,  and so on.
       Some writers need bum glue to make sure that they write
       consistently. I know I did in the beginning. I just needed to get
       into the habit of sitting in a chair and writing every day. Many
       days, it was tempting to do anything but write.
       I know in the beginning, I use to cruise the internet, call my
       friend, get a snack, go for a walk, daydream anything but write.
       And that really cost me the first year or two of my writing career. I
       just didn’t produce what I should have or complete any projects
       that I started, given the fact that I had all of these plans for writing
       projects that never came to fruition.
       John McPhee, a well-known writer who wrote over 35 books
       and one hundred articles had to tie the sash of his bathrobe to a
       chair to keep himself in the writing chair every day. And that is
       great advice for all writers. We really do need to write no excuses.
       In the beginning, I had to force myself to write. I always had
       some kind of reward in place for myself after I completed my
       daily writing. Since I love chocolate and food, I usually had a piece
       of chocolate or a hot chocolate in the winter and an ice cream in
       the summer waiting for me after my writing ritual.
       Writers must complete writing projects in order to feel
       successful. And the only way that they could do that is to make
       sure that they write consistently. So, I urge all writers today to
       write regardless of what else is going on in your life. Even if you
       don’t have time to write a lot, write a few hundred words. That
       will give you some continuity.
       Also, you may want to develop rituals and tricks to keep you
       motivated to write. Do whatever you need to write consistently.
       This will ensure that you complete writing projects that you have
       started. There is no better motivation for writing than that because
       writing begets writing. In other words, the more you write, the
       more you will want to write.
       So, what rituals can you develop in order to write consistently?
       What rewards can you give yourself in order to make sure that
       you get the writing done each and every day?


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