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November 24, 2009

The Art of Perseverance

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      For some writers, persistence is more importance than inspiration or
       talent. This is because, when there are ups and downs in a writer’s life, and
       there will be many such times, the writer who has persistence will keep
       writing regardless.
       I don’t think there is any one thing that will move a writer past failures
       and problems than persistence. This is especially the case when the writer
       receives rejections and cannot seem to get an article or story sold for a very
       long time. Or perhaps a particular story or article just won’t get bought.
       Such times are really irritating and depressing. And the only writer who
       can get past those times is the writer who has developed habits of extreme
       Persistence is required persistence in writing, getting the book or article
       done, and getting published. Whining and complaining that you can’t get
       published or that there is too much competition only diverts your energy
       from the main task, which is to produce the best possible work that you
       are capable.
       For some writers, it is almost torturous to go through the publication
       process. Most writers are working on another project when back comes the
       previous project, awaiting revision from an editor. How boring!  But this
       is  necessary in order to get published. About my own work, I am always
       happier to get a revision than a rejection. So, I put up with the tediousness
       of this process, the endless revisions, the reading of page galleys, and so
       According to Bill O’Hanlon, author of over 28 books, the one thing that
       separates the wheat from the chaff is persistence. It certainly isn’t talent.
       He has coached writers with amazing talents who remain unpublished for
       decades  because they have not persisted.
       Naturally, writing ability is important (this is especially crucial for
       fiction writers), but alone it isn’t enough. What is rare is the willingness to
       endure the life of a writer. And the writer’s life is anything but easy,
       especially for amateurs who don’t know all the rules and don’t know all
       the information they need about publishers and agents.
       So if I could give writers one bit of advice: persevere and you will
       become the writer you want to become and will ultimately get your
       articles and stories purchased. And what a day that will be!


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