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December 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo as a way of promising to get the writing done

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          Yesterday, I wrote about how promises can help writers keep to their
       writing commitments and to get the writing done. In keeping with that
       theme, I would like to reflect on how NaNoWriMo has helped me to keep
       on track with writing a new novel. 
          On November 1st, I took the challenge and promised myself and all of
       the NaNo members that I will definitely try to commit to writing a whole
       novel in one month. It was a great challenge and it was a lot of fun because
       I had to force myself to write each and every day. 
         It’s not that I don’t write every day. It’s just that some days, I don’t write
       1,000 words a day. I set out to write a middle grade novel so I only had to
       write 30,000 words. So, I knew that it would be a challenge, given that I
       had a lot of things on the go in November. But I did promise myself and
       the other members in the KW area in Ontario that I would try and
       accomplish my goals.
         I am pleased to report that I did complete my novel early. I was done
       by November 28th.  I was very proud of myself. And now I have to do a lot
       of revising. But that’s okay. I will just get to it and get it done. That will be
         This is the second year that I took the NaNo challenge. The first year,
       I didn’t quite succeed. I wrote about 18,000 words. But that was a great
       start and in the month of December, I completed the novel. I find that the
       structure and challenge that NaNo offers has been invaluable for me.
          So, I challenge all of you to at least try NaNo next time around. If you
       commit yourself to the challenge, you will have a novel written and you
       will be able to start revising it. I recommend the challenge to all writers. If
       you are successful, you will have gain a lot of confidence to carry on as a
       writer. If you aren’t successful in completing your novel, at least you
       should have more than half of it written, which will give you a great start
       to continue from.
         Also, you will have developed the habit of writing every day.  Experts
       say that it takes two weeks to form a habit. If this is really the case, which
       I think it is, you will be in the habit of writing each and every day. All you
       have to do from here is make sure that you keep writing each and every
       day. If you do, you will have a lot of completed projects in the next year.


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