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December 4, 2009

Developing Thick Skin

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       Today, I listened to, and took part, in a wonderful interview on Book Bites for Kids.
       Suzanne Lieurance was interviewing Philip Vassallo, author of a new
       book entitled How To Write Fast Under Pressure. For more information
       on Philip Vassallo, visit his website at:
       I found the interview to be wonderfully insightful. Dr. Vassallo
       has written quite a few books about writing, and I am looking
       forward to reviewing his most recent book for the National Writing
       For Children Center and on my Blog very soon.
       One of the things that Dr. Vassallo talked about in the interview
       that I would like to focus on here is the importance for beginning
       writers to develop thick skin. I know this is an area that I need 
       help in because I get so heart-broken when someone criticizes my
       work. But how else am I going to learn how to improve my writing?
       Writers must learn to take criticism with equanimity and know that
       the individuals who are offering feedback on their work are doing so
       with the best of intentions.
       It is always easy for writers to be super sensitive. But this doesn’t
       offer any dividends for your freelance career. I remember when I
       started writing academically some twenty-five years ago. Some of 
       my professors heavily criticized my work. And in those days, I
       would take their criticisms to heart and I would just try to  continue
       to strive to write clearer and with less fallacies and errors.
       Well, I am so glad that these professors took the time to point out
       all of the flaws in my writing and to offer such concise and in-depth
       feedback. I must honestly say that I am currently a happily published
       academic scholar and I will make sure that I apply the same
       principles to my freelance writing career.
       So, writers, please put your sensitivities aside, and take criticism
       as a blessing. Writers who take the time to offer feedback on your
       work may care more for your welfare as a writer than you may think.
       Develop a thick skin and know that one day you will become a good,
       clear children’s writer! With hard work and perseverance, anything
       is possible.
       To listen to the whole interview, please visit yesterday’s interview
       with Philip Vassello’s on Book Bites for Kids hosted by Suzanne
       Lieurance at:
         For more information on Suzanne Lieurance please visit her at:


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  1. I think most new writers or those who have been discouraged most of their formative years tend to take such evaluation of their work at inductments of their own worth. I agree with that wholeheartedly. And I agree that such sensitiveity is costly to both themselves as people and to any career they may want to have in the field.

    But, sadly, many will never be able to accomplish the feat of growing the thicker hide. Their sense of identity is too intertwined with their words to separate the two and their spirits just can’t take the criticism. More’s the pity.

    Good subject. I liked it.


    Comment by claudsy — December 8, 2009 @ 1:43 am | Reply

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