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December 16, 2009

The Holidays and Productivity

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   Well, it’s to believe, but it is ten days to Christmas. Time has certainly
   flown by and so far I have been keeping at my writing rituals without any
   difficulty. I hope it continues that way.
   Most of us are so busy shopping, cleaning, entertaining and running
   around that we don’t take the time to keep up with our writing. This can
   leave us very frustrated after the holidays just knowing that we could have
   written so much but instead we were running around like little chickens in
   Last year in the month of December, I was productive until about five or
   so days before Christmas. Then the bottom fell out of my writing schedule. I
   couldn’t concentrate and all I did was run. Around the 20th of December, I
   started frantically baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and wrapping
   presents. Then I had to cook the Turkey and prepare a dinner for fifteen
   people and three kids. I became so exhausted that I developed a migraine
   right on Christmas Eve.
   When Christmas was over, and I took the time to reflect on the holidays, I
   discovered that I could certainly have done things very differently to avoid a
   migraine and becoming so frustrated and exhausted. This is what I decided:
   1.  I will write for an hour a day, even on Christmas day.
   2.  I will stick to my usual routines of exercise, meditation, alone time, and
   getting spiritually ready for the holidays. After all, Christmas is a spiritual
   time more than anything else.

   3.  I will NOT over commit to things each and every day. I will plan my
   activities each day the night before and I won’t do more than is on the list.
   And I will not put more than FIVE things on that list.

   4.   I will delegate as much as possible. I will buy my Christmas Cake, Log
   and sausage rolls, buns, and bread. I will not be baking until I drop. I will
   also buy my shortbread.

   5.  I will take turns hosting Christmas Dinner for the family. I won’t do the
   meal each and every year. And THIS year it is MY turn to NOT cook!
   So, hopefully this new routine will help me to write more and not be as
   exhausted this year. I will let you know around December 27th or so.
   So, please take care to have a happy, productive and spiritual holiday this
   year!  I will try to do so too.

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