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December 17, 2009

How Can You Write During the Holidays?

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   Yesterday, I reflected on how we could make ‘space’ for writing during
   the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Today, I will reflect on how to actually
   write during those busiest times of the year.
   I am a member of the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club. Last week, there
   was an insightful teleclass entitled “Writing In The Holiday Season”  by Simon
   Rose on this very topic.  I want to share some of his insights here and how I
   have taken some of his advice to try to make sure that I write during this
   holiday season.
   One of the first things that Simon Rose mentioned was the importance of
   time management during the holidays. It is important for writers to plan to
   write every day. For myself, I devote a certain part of every day to writing.
   The early mornings from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. work for me. I love waking up
   early and spending an hour or two writing before everyone wakes up.
   Secondly, Simon Rose asserted that writers must be ruthless with their
   time during the holidays. You can do this by cutting out any activities that
   will eat up a lot of time and that won’t really help you enjoy the holidays. For
   instance, are there office parties or other parties that you don’t need to go to?
   If there are, you could spend that time writing. Or, can you delegate some
   Christmas tasks to others?  If yes, this will give you even more time to write.
   That is precisely what I plan to do this holiday: delegate, delegate, delegate.
   It will become my new mantra.
   Third, when you set time to write, you should indeed write and not do
   anything else, such as cruise the Internet, answer E-mails, and so on. When
   you devote an hour to write, you must write for that whole hour. You must
   make every second count. That is a real problem that I have. When I get on
   the computer, the first thing I do is check my E-mails. Then I answer E-mails.
   By then, at least fifteen minutes have gone by and I haven’t started writing.
   From now on, I will make sure that if I devote an hour to writing, I will write
   and then check my E-mails. That way I will really get a lot more writing
      If you are interested in purchasing the interview, please go to the
   Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club at:, or
   you could email me at: and I will send you the link to purchase
   Simon Rose’s teleclass.
   Happpy Holiday writing!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Irene. I hope to follow some of my own advice and use some of these tips myself during the holiday season.

    Comment by Simon Rose — December 17, 2009 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

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