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December 21, 2009

Is it Feeling a Lot Like Christmas in Terms of Your Productivity?

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    How are you doing with your writing this week? Did you decide to keep writing
   despite the pending holidays?
   I have decided to keep writing and to keep on track up until, and including,
   Wednesday. In previous years, I wasted way too much time preparing for Christmas. Of
   course, it helps that I am not hosting the Christmas dinner this year. Also, I am buying all
   of my deserts, except for my shortbread.  So, I am making more time to write, journal, and
   to actually mentally prepare myself for the new year.
   Around November of this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to be as hurried and
   frantic around the Christmas season this year. Last year, I had a terrible migraine right on
   Christmas day. So, this year, I hope to avoid that kind of thing. I also decided that I was
   going to develop a different kind of mind set this year.  And so far I am still right on track
   and I haven’t felt that chaos in my soul that I felt every Christmas!
   I think I will use this Blog to let you know how I am doing in this domain and how
   much writing I am actually doing up to December 24th. This will be a way to keep me
   committed to writing and to keeping myself from jumping off the cliff to utter dismay and
   chaos. Further, by sharing this with my readers, I am making an intention to do things
   I am also taking the time to journal every day. I have done this in previous years.
   However, it’s been at least five years since I really journalled in any kind of serious way
   around the end of the year. So, this holiday will be my first time in a while to regroup.
   Today, I did my two hours of writing, one hour of marketing and promoting and half
   an hour of Blogging. I hope that you have the same kind of experience too and keep
   writing for a day or so more. It will be worth it in terms of you’re your output,
   productivity, and self-confidence. And if you are anything like me, I find that writing
   centers me and helps me not to get as flustered as I would normally.
   So happy writing for the next few days. And please let me know how you are doing.

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  1. And you’ve stuck to your intentions. Good.


    Comment by claudsy — December 24, 2009 @ 1:36 am | Reply

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