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December 29, 2009

Cleansing From Toxicities to Improve Productivity

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   During this time of year, I usually become very reflective of how my
   life is going and how I can improve and be the best possible person that
   I can be the next year.
   Yes, it is resolution time again, and although I don’t like to call my
   new intentions for the year ‘resolutions’ because they may be difficult to
   maintain one or two months from now, I think this year I will call them
   that and see what happens.
   In many ways, last year was characterized by many toxic situations,
   habits and individuals for me. I have learned a lot as a result of my
   experiences though. But I don’t want to repeat them this year if at all
   possible. So, I have resolved to minimize and/or eliminate some of them
   in the new year.
   For me, toxic situations and habits can come between me and my
   writing time, if I’m not careful. A toxic situation may be an unresolved
   argument with a spouse or co-worker. It may be a stressor in the
   environment, such as background noise from a television set or
   anything that disturbs your concentration. So, I always make sure that
   I talk to my spouse if I have any kind of grievance with him and make
   sure that I am on the same page with him before I start my writing for
   the day. I usually avoid many environmental stressors by waking up
   early and writing before anyone wakes up.
   Toxic individuals are people who make me feel bad about myself all
   the time and therefore deter me from being the best that I can be. Such
   individuals seem to really upset me and I tend to get very little done that
   is not also intoxicated by their attitude of hatred and overall tension. So,
   I had to decide to minimize contact with such individuals as much as
   So, if you are like me and you are negatively affected by different
   external toxicities, it may be time for you to take steps to avoid such
   instances because they could really put a damper on the quality, and
   possibly quantity, of your writing. Here are a few tips that I have found
   to be very helpful.
   1.  Try to write first thing in the morning, if at all possible, to
   minimize distractions.
   2.  If you’re not a morning person, try writing before you go to bed
   when everyone in the house is asleep. If you have something rummaging
   around in your mind from the day, you may want to meditate or just
   close your eyes and tell yourself that this is your time to write and that
   for the next half hour to an hour, you will write. Then set a timer for
   that time and stick to it. Then you could deal with what is troubling you
   3.  As much as possible, deal with toxic situations and individuals
   right away. Don’t wait until you get so angry that your emotions are all
   festered up because that can really affect your overall writing
   4.  When your writing time is upon you don’t do anything else that
   will waste time, such as check your email, cruise the Internet, or answer
   the phone. Instead, decide to devote one hundred percent of your
   attention to writing.
   I hope that these tips help you as much as they help me. Have a
   happy and productive 2010!

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