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December 31, 2009

Out with the Old and in with the New

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   I love the optimism that is so much part of New Year’s Day
   celebrations. We are encouraged to make realistic resolutions that we
   think that we’ll keep and that will make our lives much better in the
   new year.
   I am not one for resolutions usually, but this year I am really going
   to make a few resolutions mostly because this past year has had a lot
   of negativity and toxicity. And I’m sure we could all relate to that state
   of affairs. Some years are far more productive and far less cumbersome
   than others.
   So, this year I am going to try and make heathy, and positive
   intentions to do certain things that will make my life much more
   conducive to taking better care of myself and less cumbersome and
   I encourage everyone to take the time to evaluate last year.  Do you
   like everything that was part of last year? Is there stuff that you want to
   change? Are there friendships which are too toxic to tolerate because
   they are really hindering your well-being and health? Are there habits
   that you should re-evaluate in order to be the best possible person that
   you are capable of? 
   Once you determine what you want to change, make a positive
   intention to change it in the new year. Write down your new habits and
   goals and as the clock stricks midnight tomorrow night resolve to
   bringing them about every day.
   And may you have a year that is blessed with good intentions,
   productive goals, and well-being in 2010. May it be your best year yet!
   Happy New Year all!

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