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January 6, 2010

The Importance of Having a Writing Buddy or Two

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  Working with a writing buddy or two has many advantages for writers.
   Many writers believe that writing is a lonely life and that having another
   person in your corner really helps a lot when the times get tough as a writer.
   I know that I would be lost without my writing buddies.They help me in
   so many countless ways. I sat down and reflected on a few of those ways this
   morning. And here are at least three benefits that I discovered that I
   enjoyed from my writing buddies.
   First, my writing buddies help me not to feel as alone in the unknown
   territory of writing. Feeling connected, especially when things go wrong,
   such as when you get a rejection letter or if you had an unproductive week,
   is really helpful to smooth out some of the rough edges of the writing life.
   Second, my writing buddy knows exactly what I am going through when
   I am having an unproductive day at my desk. I don’t have to take a lot of
   time explaining any of my hardships or difficulties. And that means a lot to
   me since endlessly explaining negative things about my writing frustrates
   me to no living end. Most of my writing buddies share the same frustrations
   that I do.
   Third, I could share and celebrate my successes with my writing buddies.
   This really helps me to feel better about what I have accomplished during
   the day or week. I could also set my sights on my future goals that give me
   even more reason for celebration.
   Lastly, I report on my progress to my writing buddy.  This makes me feel
   accountable and helps me to continue progressing with my goals. This can
   be just as beneficial for short term goals as for long term goals. Feeling
   accountable usually really helps me to focus on my goals with much more
   You don’t need to necessarily meet with your writing buddy in person. I
   communicate with all of my writing buddies via cyberspace on a daily or
   weekly basis. The important thing is that we communicate with one another
   and have access to one another for support.
   So, if you don’t have a writing buddy, I would suggest that you find one
   or two buddies that you could share your writing experiences with. You
   won’t feel as alone and you will accomplish so much more.

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